Hello Eugene

I would like to officially offer my services to repair your PC.  I’ve lived in the Eugene area since 1987 and have more than 20 years building and repairing personal computers.

This site is under construction; I spend all my time working, and fixing problems so the construction here will last awhile.

Rates: This is something that I’m working on.  The time I have to do house calls is limited because I work a normal day.  So…

If you can bring your computer to me: 20$/hour, 1 hour Min. (Usually enough)

House call: 40$/hour, 1 hour Min. (Usually enough)

Warranty:  If I can’t fix, or diagnose the problem you are having I will not charge you.

Most performance issues can be resolved in less than 45 minutes, virus/Trojans in 90 minutes (max), hardware upgrades in 30 minutes (provided hardware is onsite).

Please call (541) 525-5558 or email skymeat@gmail.com for a prompt response.

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